About Us

We are a mainland based dive operator that focuses on Day Trip Scuba Diving to either Bidong Island, Redang, Pulau Yu, or Merang Bay. We also offer all levels of scuba courses from introductory to a professional level.

Nemo Divers (SA0360936-A) was founded since 2009 before officially established in 2015. Our founder has more than 15 years of experience coordinating, consulting, and supply scuba training or dive-related industries. Today our Dive Centers are located at Merang Terengganu and Kuantan Pahang, Malaysia.

The Name

Nemo Divers’s name was derived from the admiration of fiction, Captain Nemo. A mysterious visionary and hero who loves the seas more than anything else.  We also embrace Nemo, son of Marlin in Finding Nemo. An adventurer but yet a cute character who everybody loves. “Nemo” is a Latin word for “nobody,” so that this nobody will become somebody in a divers circle of friends. Fiction that may become a reality in our hearts.


Scuba Diving is a recreational activity where we socialise while embracing the beauty environment around us. A tool to find new friends with the same passion, enthusiast, and bragging rights. It is a sport where we must equip ourselves with proper skills and knowledge before enjoying a safe adventure and fun. Nemo Divers was born through that unique perspective. We want to ensure that any divers’ steps in our yards feel that they belong here. We want to make sure that they will enjoy every moment of it, either on land or underwater.  We want to treat them as much as we would like to be treated on a trip.  That is why we try to build a suitable watercraft and environment that leads towards that definition of diving. After all… diving is about having fun.

Welcome Dive Professionals

Our dream future is also focusing around “freelance dive professionals.” The facility we built may not be sophisticated but comfortable enough for them to conduct any dive courses. Dive professionals will find our classroom, pool, and even hostel are useful instruments. Not just that, our able personnel will be more than willing to give a helping hand. A place where they can find a better return on their hardship. Them who we would like to call partners.

With our tagline “Where Fun Begins”, we are passionate to present you with the best service, sweet memories, and above all… safety that you can depend on.

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