Pulau Yu

Pulau Yu or Shark Island (if directly translated) comprises two uninhabited islands that are relatively small despite the fact that the depth around this island can reach 50 meters. The island is rocky and rugged. She is part of Bidong and located at the east corner of the archipelago about 10 km from Bidong Island. Getting there from Merang by speedboat will take about 30 – 45 minutes. Pulau Yu has been gazzeted as a Marine Park; hence, visitors must adhere to their rules.

Pulau Yu (Yu is a local name for shark) was named the way it is for being known as a playground for rays such as the blacktip reef shark, whale shark, and eagle ray. It is generally for Advanced and experienced divers since the best sites are deeper than 18 meters with underwater current and sometimes required drift diving. Apart from that, she offers rocky underwater landscapes, steep coral, and submerged reef.

Video by Paul Brown-Kanyon
Video by Uli

There is no proper beach around those two islands; divers will need to complete their surface interval in the boat. Since there is no air refill facility nearby, we can only accommodate a maximum of two dives per trip.

There are at least five known dive spots around those two islands that are;

  1. Pulau Yu Besar Laut
  2. Batu Putih (White Rock)
  3. Pulau Yu Besar Darat
  4. Pulau Yu Kecil
  5. Staging Garden

Typical Itinerary

  • 0730 Registration
  • 0830    Equipment Assembly
  • 0845    Depart to Pulau Yu
  • 0945    First Dive
  • 1045    Surface Interval
  • 1215    Second Dive
  • 1330    Depart / Return to Merang

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