Scuba Courses

Introductory Scuba

Ever wonder how it is like to breathe underwater? Well, wonder no more; browse in and find it for yourself with our introductory scuba program. Soon you will find out it is never too late or too early to discover the underwater world. The history of how your story begins.

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Open Water Scuba Diver

Does adventure excite you? If it does, come on down, get wet, and let your inner escapade shout out loud. Get certified as Scuba Diver… this is when your journey begins.

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Continuing Education

Adventure is not just about exploring the unknown; it is also about discovering your true self. Thus, those tours of finding should never stop till you reach your happiness. And here is where it all begins.

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Leadership Courses

If adventure has never been enough for you, why not be the one who leads an adventurer. Underwater experience is more exciting when you can share it with your loved ones. Guide them to be a safe and experienced scuba explorer as you are. Just let them know here is “Where the fun Begins.”

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