Divers’ Lair

Need a place to rest or stay the night? Fret not, we now have our very own Divers’ Lair provided for our dear customers.

We realized that a typical chalet or resort’s check-in and check-out time would not be synchronized to our dive scheduled. That was why we had taken a further step to establish our own accommodation that we named Divers’ Lair. This guesthouse can accommodate 13 guests at one time. You will have a choice of either renting by pax (room sharing), room or the whole house. And the best part is your check-in/out will be flexible based on your dive scheduled.

Our Divers’ Lair is located just beside our Merang Dive Center. All rooms are air-conditioned with their own toilet/bathroom. There are two extra bathrooms with sitting toilet just outside the house. Common areas are with kitchen amenities, television, and DVD player. You can even throw a party with a BBQ grill and above-ground swimming pool at your disposal. Even the most famous restaurant in Merang is just a few steps away. Hack… we even have a few bicycles for you to go sightseeing in the evening.

Free WIFI | 40 inch LCD TV | Cable TV | BBQ Facility | Extra bathrooms outside

Once you’re all rested up, you can easily prepare your gear for the next day’s dive! How convenient is that!

A home away from home.

Room 1

We have installed the first room with a single double-decker bed and one single over queen double-decker bunk. The bathroom is with regular shower, a sink, and a seating toilet. 

Room 2

The second room is installed with two double-decker bunk units. The bathroom is with shower and a squat toilet.

Room 3

The third is just similar to the second. Slightly different on layout arrangement.

“A good homestay with great hospitality, cheap and worth it. The owner is very kind and friendly. Divemasters are accommodating, knowledgeable, caring, and good. The best eatery place with delicious food is only in front of the house. Will come again soon.”

– Alkazam DaCute

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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