Merang Bay

Merang Bay is a recreational water area with a radius of about 8 nautical miles or 15km from Merang River’s estuary. Water clarity around is quite astonishing even though they are close to the mainland. Some divers discern as a remarkable place where marine life is alive and almost untouched by humans. You can see many bamboo sharks lay under some rocks, a few large Jenkins Whipray, and varieties of nudibranch’s species. You can even see a group of Trevally and Barracudas throughout the sandy area when the currents are right. Not to mentioned rocks’ formation, coral, and green plants.

The best part of it is that you can finish up your dive and return to Merang’s Jetty around noon. A suitable trip for those who are on the road and decided to make a quick dive. 

There are 5 known sites for Merang Bay, they are;

  1. Pulau Bara (Ember Island)
  2. Batu Peranakan
  3. Merang Lighthouse
  4. Batu Rusa
  5. Batu Mandi 

Our Typical Itinerary

  • 0730    Registration at Dive Center
  • 0830    Equipment assembly
  • 0845    Depart to Merang Bay
  • 0900    First dive
  • 1000    Surface interval
  • 1100    Second Dive
  • 1200    Depart back / return to Merang’s Jetty

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